• Orbital angular multiplexing
    Orbital angular multiplexing
  • Photonic crystal fiber
    Photonic crystal fiber
  • Digital holography
    Digital holography
  • Space division multiplexing
    Space division multiplexing
  • Optical encryption
    Optical encryption
  • Few mode fiber
    Few mode fiber
  • Optical signal processing
    Optical signal processing
  • Interferometric sensors
    Interferometric sensors
Orbital angular multiplexing
Orbital angular multiplexing
         The Integrated Optics Lab of School of Computing at Universiti Utara Malaysia led by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Angela Amphawan spearheads research in novel designs for integrated optical devices for next -generation optical computers. Future computers use light traveling through optical fiber interconnects to accelerate information transfer.  Intel established the first silicon-based 50Gbps optical data link using four 12.5Gbit/s lanes of different wavelength. We strive for a balanced deployment of optical system and information management architecture. We envisage to seamlessly aggregate and interface existing and future computers by bringing together diverse expertise and industry leaders for the generation and commercialization of related industrial applications.